Leaked User Manual and specs for the Autel Robotics EVO 2

Check out the FCC leak of the new Autel Robotics latest drone, the Evo 2. Guess what? It has interchangeable gimbal MODULES, a 35 minute flight time and a built in screen on the controller and a 7KM max control and video transmission distance. I’m looking forward to what the competition heating up in the drone sector will do for future entries by DJI, Yuneec and Skydio. With the Mavic 3 rumored to be announced this coming January, it’s looking like 2020 is going to be very good for drone enthusiasts. 

There’s 3 camera modules, an 8k, a 5.5k and a dual Infrared 8k module.

The 8k supports up to 25fps, 48mp pictures, 6k @30fps, and 4k at 30 or 60fps bit rate of up to 120 megabits per second.

The 5.5k module goes up to 60fps, support 20mp pictures,  and a 4k mode up to 120fps with a max bitrate of 120 megabits per second and an f/2.8 -f11 aperture.

Dual Infrared module will support 8k and have a dual mode.

Some of the available modes include:

Single shot


Automatic exposure bracketing or AEB



Nightbeat(the night time shooting mode)


Stills are shot in DNG or JPEG


Supports up to 128GB micro sd card

Now there’s the

The Smart Flight system sensor package

This includes the IMU, which is a gyro and accelerometer

A compass

GNSS receiver


Ultrasonic sensors

And the binocular vision sensing system which includes visual sensors in all directions


Different modes include

Go Home, basically return to home

Fail safe: Go home that happens when comms are lost or battery is too low

Smart Tracking with 3 different modes

Gesture Commands

Accurate landings

The Screen will include a built in OLED 330 nits with an operating time of 3.2 hours


Max speed 45mph

Weight 1050g

Check out the video below from my YouTube channel, Dude and his Drones.